South Plazas Daily Tour




Explore one of the most colourful islands situated off the east coast of Santa Cruz and observe a variety of seabirds around the cliffs, and land iguanas on the trail through the large Opuntia cactus forest.


The Plazas Island is situated off the east coast of Santa Cruz and actually comprises two smaller islands: North and South Plaza. Our visitors will disembark on South Plaza.

Tour Description:

You will go on a bus ride (approx. 40 min) to the Itabaca Channel in the morning, where you will board a comfortable day-tour boat. After about 50 minutes you will have a dry landing on the colourful island of South Plaza. Your guide will take you on a trail through the big Opuntia cactus forest which home to a huge population of land iguanas that feed on the fruits of the Opuntia cactus. If you are lucky, you can find a rare land-marine hybrid iguana!

On the coastline of South Plaza you will find a colony of sealions hanging and playing around!Along the cliffs you will see many different sea birds, such as swallow-tailed gulls, red-pilled tropic birds, frigate birds and more.

Back on board you will be served lunch, as you will continue to navigate towards Punta Carrion to snorkel with sealions.

Tour includes: Lunch, snacks, snorkeling equipment and bilingual naturalist guide (Spanish/English)